I’m a system builder.

That has a little bit to do with my personality type, and a lot to do with how I like to operate. I’ve thought alot about it, and decided that the best way I can describe the things I like to do is that I like building nice components into a whole result that is pleasing in some way.

This “systems building” takes a couple of different forms. I build people-systems, or teams and communities, in my work as the General Manager of Overclock.net - the largest performance computing discussion board of its kind on the internet, where I direct the community, content, staff, and logistics which together make our nearly 400,000 member strong community thrive as more than 6 million unique visitors see it each month.

My day job is working as a backend engineer for a great internet radio service called Digitally Imported, where I get to use great tools like Ruby, Rails, Git, Golang, and RubyMine to build the APIs and internal tools that keep DI and its related family of sites streaming well over 100 channels of music 24/7, from trance to tango to everything in between.

In the most literal sense, I work as an audio engineer and design, implement, and mix on professional audio systems. I’ve recorded small and large ensembles in genres from opera theater to salsa orchestra, working with artists Lucie Arnaz, Tiempo Libre, and Kate Reid. I love the Yamaha DM 2000 console, MAGIX Sequoia, and Cockos Reaper. Big band holds a special place in my heart, and it was with a big band recording that I was able to win Downbeat Magazine’s Best Engineered Live Recording for the year 2013.

My resume is available here.