The Osprey LAB Subwoofer

The Osprey LAB Sub is named for the company name I was operating under a few years ago when I built it, Osprey Audio, and the Eminence LAB 12 drivers it uses. The rough basis for the project’s design was a dual 12” subwoofer built by Art Welter of Welter Systems in New Mexico, who had some old w-bin subwoofers he wanted to modernize and gutting them to install the LAB 12 drivers was his solution. I liked the form factor of his work, and his choice in drivers, so I set out to put my own spin on them without the constraints of the existing boxes he worked with.

A few pictures from the construction process…

After caulk and foam, before the drivers go in:

Note that the lid of the box makes up the top wall of the top port, also. The port design was intended to keep things as simple as possible internally.

At the first sound check…

Drivers are wired in parallel, and the box eventually was finished in a thick black outdoor deck sealant, with a 14ga steel grille from Parts Express.

What can it do?

Pretty good.

If you want the full design documents or CAD files, send me an email!