As its title might suggest, this page is dedicated to audio that I’ve worked with in one form or another. Things here range from recordings to one-off projects like tape restorations. More details are included with each entry, which links off to the blog post where I originally talked about that content. Think of this page as an index of sorts.

UMiami Recording Services Live Recordings

Working in the Frost School of Music’s concert halls, I’m fortunate to get to work with a ton of great musicians, and especially great jazz. I do live concert recording, and highlights from some of my recordings/mixes are linked below:

Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra - Americana - Copeland and Ellington

Tape Restorations

A great mentor and close friend of mine’s father spent much of his career as a saxophonist in various military bands, not the least of which included the Naval Academy’s Next Wave, the Army Field Band’s Jazz Ambassadors, and the Air Force’s Airmen of Note. I’m in the process of digitizing and cleaning up a bunch of these 7” tapes as time allows, and the results of that effort are linked below.

The Naval Academy Next Wave