The Single LAB Subwoofer

After seeing the Osprey Dual LAB in action, a friend of mine wanted me to help her pick out a subwoofer setup for her car. We decided we could do one better than something off the shelf, so it became time to take the great Dual LAB design and distill it down to something that would actually be reasonable for installation into a Honda Civic. The second goal here was to keep cost down and simplify construction, so that meant some interesting twists like keeping the external dimensions close to minimize need for internal bracing, using PVC pipe for port tubes, etc.

What’d I come up with?

The box was very compact, took a LAB 12 driver, and simulated really well (as evidenced by the plots below):

Time to build! The parts collection was indeed simple, which was perfect! A half-sheet of MDF was plenty, and since this was going into a car, MDF was a fine material, we didn’t need the birch plywood the Dual LAB got.

Unfortunately, I never got a picture of this one when it was all built. We finished the cabinet in your standard “rat fur” black carpet, and it still sits happily in the trunk of that Honda Civic. Maybe you’ve heard it if you’re in north Pinellas County.